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Coach Donna L Ward

Attention: Bloggers, Direct Sales Leaders and Conscious Entrepreneurs

Get This Blogging and Social Media Strategies Starters’ Kit that is a Planning Guide for Success Online.

Free Blogging Savvy Kit Reveals Planning, Tips & Strategy to Win and Jumpstart Your Blogging and Social Media

Imagine having a thriving online community where your message reaches your target audience.

  • Establishing your credibility as an expert in your industry and community.
  • Attracting and educating your ideal audience.
  • Inspiring a loyal community.
  • Distinguishing you as the expert.

Grab this Blogging Strategy Kit Today and get your foundation for successful blogging ready!

  • Do you have a blogging strategy for great content and promotion?
  • Are you new to blogging or a blogger who has been at it for awhile and need a fresh, new perspective?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you know where your time goes on Social Media?
  • Need to learn how to be a blogging success story?
  • Want to learn how to write posts that get attention, comments, and shared?
  • Need help with creating compelling visual content that gets noticed?
  • Learn how to write from the heart and reach your readers.

You CAN be intentional about promoting your blog and business online.I learned the hard way and spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning, worrying about the feast or famine cycle I was going through with getting visitors and traffic to my blog. I thought there had to be a better way of having a blog that attracted the audience I wanted to serve – so I came up with a plan and after several months of tweaking it, it became bullet-proof for me.  If it worked for me, it will work for YOU!

Want to Start Your blogging engine? Here’s What You Get to Chart Your Strategic Direction Now:

  • Your Planing, Strategy and Savvy Pathway To Success”
  • Social Media Blogging Tips – You’ve got to get this!
  • “Build Your List and Email Marketing” Downloadable Tele-class audio
  • Bonus Audio: “6 Tips On How to Build Your Dream Business With Intuitive Strategies”

When you blog, it can be the hub of your online communications – it is where you create your best content and the tool that you use to share all of that content online and offline.

So, you had better get hustling!  Right now let’s get your blog out there, and get your going strong on Social Media Promotion, even as we build your community!

This training will show you:

  • The bottom line – grow more quickly and more easily – on a regular basis.
  • Maintain focus on what You need to do.
  • Claim strategic action steps.
  • Prepare to be ready to receive and move forward.

Without planning strategies, even with your blogging and Social Media, every step to grow takes more time and effort. And you miss out on reaching and attracting your ideal audience. Not all plans are created equal! Instead of just going for big numbers, focus more on getting the right kind of visitors to your sites.

Coach Donna Laree Ward  My name is Donna Laree Ward, BSBM. Certified Business Coach, Intuitive Strategist

– As a Social Media Consultant, I can do the work for you and/or train you as part of your personal blogging, business or corporation Social Media and blogging. I help and/or train you to set up your blog and a Social Media Marketing Plan around your blog/website as online communications hub.
As a Social Media Marketing Expert, I teach Relationship Marketing and Social Media Mastery training, consulting and speaking services for corporate, business owners, bloggers and conscious entrepreneurs around the globe!
Educating to improve your Social Media search engine rankings and community as a way to build brand recognition, reach new audiences and drive potential clients.
– I am an expert list builder – an online traffic expert– with an online community of over 8500 – I teach my clients how to get found and get more clients and opportunities as they become a leader in their field – I’ve been coaching online and offline for over 5 years.
Join our community in our Blogging Mastermind and learn how to build and promote your blog and brand online and offline.
What are others saying?
 “Thank you to my social media guru, who I met with before my September trip to Africa. She, Coaching Business Entrepreneur, Donna L. Ward, walked me through the blogging process, so I could bring you my updates as I traveled through Kenya and Tanzania. Although I could not always post due to limited connections, with her help, I was able to bring you play by play, day by day accounts of what I was seeing and doing as I traversed across the two countries. Thank you Donna, of course more to come on my December trip – that will be less property site inspection and more of the safari game viewing sites. Set up your own meeting with Ms. Donna, you won’t be sorry.” Safari Kay
I have talked to other marketing coaches but didn’t feel a connection.  Donna actually listened to me and heard what I was trying to say.  She interacted with where I am and was the first one to actually take a look at my sites and what we were talking about while we were talking.   She paid attention to what I was saying and took that to where we needed to go.  Donna did more than just give suggestions (homework) as to where to go next.  She gave positive feedback, which always feels great, and let me know what I was doing correctly. She validated that where I am now and the future I am visualizing is going in the right direction. What a relief!“ Rita Bartholomew,

Get free access to your Blogging Strategies Starters’ Kit by filling in the above form with your name and email. Do this now to free yourself from the stress and upset of constant uncertainty in planning and growing your blog on your own. The Blogging  Strategies Starters’ Kit will set you free to grow and promote your blog and with confidence.

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