2 Key Steps of the Vision in a Business Plan

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2 Key Steps of the Vision in a Business Plan
The preparation of a strategic business plan is a multi-step process covering mission, vision, objectives, values, strategies, goals and programs. So what about the vision of your business plan?
Can you Dream? Then you can – DEVELOP A VISION STATEMENT – it is your ticket to success – the vision statement is about what your future business will look like. It has been said that a vision statement imagines what success looks like. Entrepreneurs often ask a business coach to help them get their thoughts out of their minds and into a business Vision.
A Vision Statement provides the inspiration for your daily operations and your strategic decisions. It is a photograph in words and in your mind – of the future of your business. Providing the destination for your journey – without knowing where you are going, how can you plan the journey?
· A vision statement focuses on the ‘what’ of your business – what do you want your business to accomplish.
· Describes your idealized perception of what your business will look like under perfect conditions.
· What are your intentions for your business? Where is your business going to be in 6 months, 12 months, or 5 years? What will your company have accomplished?
· It will help you stay focused on the big picture – the end results.
Doing this by yourself usually isn’t a problem – the issue is usually just getting it done – or procrastination. My business coaching clients – who are entrepreneurs and small business owners – learn how and why to stay focused and draw a picture (in words) of their Business Vision.
Statement example: The Perfect Team plans to provide a wide range of baseball-related products and services to casual players, minor league players, community clubs and organizations, competitive teams and players.
Business Plan Assignment: Even if you already have your vision statement – your vision may change and grow – So, why not grow with your thoughts. Write out what you are planning and thinking about with regards to your business plan’s vision.
Step 1. You can do some homework and write: Think about what are your short-term business visions/intentions? What do you plan to have, do or be in the next 3 months? This will help you see the long-term.
Step 2. Write down your long-term business visions/intentions. What you plan to have, do, or be in the next 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, and 5 years. And, in turn this helps you to see more clearly what your short-term goals can be.

Always remember that your measure of belief that you have in your own ability to achieve this Business Vision and plan will also affect that Vision achievement. This is where a business coach or entrepreneur coach comes in – helping you move forward in your Vision intention.
Remember, you have always had some sort of vision for your future – now make it happen. Plan your trip and see and feel yourself reaching your destination successfully.
This article is dedicated to everybody who has a dream – a vision.
Continue to grow and be successful.

So let’s get started on those important action steps – why not?

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